EU packaging machinery market development trend analysis

By in Business, Items, News, Process, Technology on September 5, 2014

According to statistics, the global packaging machinery demand is expected to grow at an annual growth rate of 5.3%. Packaging equipment manufacturer mainly in the United States, Japan, Germany, Italy, China. According to geography, foreign demand for packaging machinery market is different.

Germany’s leading packaging machinery in the design, production, technology and other aspects; China is a major importer of German packaging machinery, especially in food processing and packaging machinery. German packaging machinery major importing countries are the United States, Britain, France, China and Russia. German packaging machinery ranked in the world’s first 85% of the shares.

The development of packaging machinery in the United States is very long, forming a complete package independent mechanical systems, its varieties and production ranks first in the world. Since the 1990s, the American packaging machinery industry has maintained a good momentum of development. U.S. packaging machinery factory attached great packaging materials plant sales is entirely dependent on the parent company.

Packaging machinery manufacturers in Japan, mainly small and medium enterprises, there are currently more than 200, in addition, there are over 100 of packaging materials, packaging machinery and related equipment manufacturers, packaging machinery nearly 500 kinds of specifications 700 varieties. Packaging machinery mainly small and medium-sized single, small size, high precision, easy to install, easy to operate, high degree of automation.

Italy is the world’s fourth largest producer of packaging machinery, packaging machinery second largest export. Italian packaging machinery with excellent performance and elegant appearance, and cheap. The proportion of exports accounted for about 80%; United States is the largest export market.

As we all know, the history of the European packaging industry because of different manufacturing process of industrialization, the use of technology is also not the same, which also resulted in the development of specialized EU diversified packaging industry, and the development of China’s packaging machinery industry started late, but its market potential is huge, rapid pace of development has become a packaging machine industrial countries, and also to the international development, the EU has become a lot of exchanges with China in the packaging machine industry in the market.

EU, packaging machine industry is relatively well-known in Italy, England, France, Greece and Belgium, and in which the Italian packaging machine can be said to be a world-class, but at the time of its early development, such as in 2003, the Italian packaging machine industrial declined 2% compared to the Millennium, 2004, and picked up the domestic market, exports increased sales growth also brings the packaging industry, total output reached 2.9 billion euros, according to the currency grew by 2.8 percent over 2003, according to real estate calculation an increase of 1.4%, followed, almost a year to maintain the growth trend.

Such a growth in exports, the downward trend in imports brought in 2004 the Italian packaging industry € 211.9 billion trade surplus grew by 2.6% over the previous year, the packaging industry to consolidate a strong position in the Italian industry. Italian export countries, China is one of them, and the share is not low, packaging machine business part of the technology Chinese mainland are also learning from the exchange of information on the packaging machine between Italy, the two countries can not say much, but in the Chinese market Italian packaging machine and also to touch each other, because the Italian packaging machine positioned mostly high-end, so the low-end market China packaging machine still has some advantages, while Chinese enterprises in packaging machines, packaging machines with first-class foreign companies competition is not much, is far packaging Technology Co., Ltd. in Anhui is one of them,’s developed powder packaging machine, granule packing machine, liquid packaging machines are also domestic first-class equipment, and secondary packaging production line can live in their R & D world-class level, is the pride of the people, but also the domestic packaging machine business leader.

Britain’s economic development package for the UK is an important industry, but it does not exist independently, but closely linked to other industries, such as food and beverage, personal care, pharmaceutical and chemical. UK packaging industry for light industry, heavy industry products vital, accounting for 3.3% and 13% of Europe’s global total. This is a very large set of data, but in exchanges with China on the packaging machine market is not much.

Such as France, Greece and other EU countries are also mostly true, packaging machine level technical differences between them are not large, but the exchange on the Chinese market is not as common as in Italy, but in which the two sides of industry, including the exchange of market economy ties still exist, after all, we have the world’s largest consumer market, this is not any one country can resist the temptation, the EU is the same, the packaging machine industry, the EU and the AU China, I have some exchanges, but has yet to be developed and development in the economy also has a good promotion of relationship, which is worthy of recognition.

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